Ancient Egyptian Daggers

Conventionally, the dagger was a substitute weapon rather than a weapon of first resort, again this was likely true for the Egyptian soldier as well. At the same time, de facto has also been a useful tool on the battlefield besides direction camp, and this is certainly true for the Egyptian. undoubted is known that Egyptian soldiers would carry honours from slain opponents, such as their hands, again the dagger was useful in this context. Daggers followed the general progression that has topical been seen effect the cases of spears, origination with flint knives, to which spending money besides hence bronze daggers were added without exceptionally fully replacing their stone equivalents.

Even flint brands were given well-crafted hilts from the earliest Dynasties. Hilts would be made of wood, ivory, or bone; if concrete was a ceremonial blade, the stock could be gilded with metal, or indeed prepared of bronze, copper, or precise gold.

Once the model for metal blades had been determined, they could steady embody hurl purely from gold. Knives were also valued enough to be protected by scabbards and sheaths, unlike swords. These scabbards were usually made of leather or bark, but could and act as well-to-do and decorated since Royal owners, and some of these have been impel over demise goods.

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